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Dr. Aziz was founded in 1988 with service—to individuals and the community—as a central value, evolving to become a premier health-care provider. Though originally only a pharmacy, incremental improvements have resulted in a comprehensive solutions center, taking each customer through long-term relationships encompassing ailment, diagnosis, treatment, wellness and prevention. We connect with you like no other pharmacy. Our caring, confident, professional staff goes the extra mile when it comes to patient care, maintaining a welcoming environment for you and your family. Our facility, as shown below, is clean, accessible, well-lit, and convenient.  

picture of the outside of our building

picture of our showroom

Dr Aziz Pharmacy uses cutting-edge information systems to make your experience, whether in-person or on the telephone, as efficient and reliable as possible.  At our store, you are more than a number. We want you to feel your money is well-spent when we are given the opportunity to provide service.

picture of Hamid Abbaspour “We listen to the patient and find what he or she needs, then we customize our services to those needs. This is the Dr. Aziz motto.”
— Hamid Abbaspour, founder and president

We strive for one consistent result, RELIEF, from:

  • your physical challenges
  • the normal way you access health-care products and services
  • the high cost of health insurance and the hassle of long lines

Customers rave that our filling times and knowledge are second-to-none. Our goal is to have everyone in our community—clients, health-care professionals, and referral sources—say, “WOW, that was so much better than the other pharmacy!


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